With the advent of the novel coronavirus (the disease known as COVID-19), we are now all living in stressful and challenging times personally and professionally. Not only are there concerns over our own safety and health, but we also have responsibility for the safety and health of our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, staff, and litigants. We all hope and pray for an end soon to this nightmare. We know that this too will eventually pass.

Well, imagine this scenario being what children with severe, life-threatening illnesses and their parents and siblings experience each and every day hoping that tomorrow will bring some relief and a better day.

Give Kids The World (GKTW) Village, an 84-acre, nonprofit resort in Central Florida, provides weeklong, cost-free vacations to children with critical illnesses and their families. This magical place gives a brief respite from the reality of dealing with serious illness and daily worry. A week filled with ice cream for breakfast, riding a carousel, tickets to other theme parks, transportation, meals, daily entertainment and much more.


To learn more about the genesis of GKTW and its founder, go to this You Tube site .

All this requires help from others who volunteer to fulfill hundreds of volunteer shifts and tasks every day. That’s why NAWCJ, in conjunction with the Workers’ Compensation Institute (WCI), volunteers each August during the annual WCI Workers’ Compensation Education Conference and the NAWCJ Judiciary College to serve at the Village along with over one thousand other conference attendees during the WCI–GKTW Service Day on the Saturday morning before the judiciary college begins.

Depending on the protocol made necessary by COVID-19, the WCI 2020 Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference, which hosts the NAWCJ 2020 Judiciary College, may be postponed. Thus, the GKTW Service Day may also be postponed. Nevertheless, contingent on the final decision as to whether our annual judiciary college takes place this coming August, please consider volunteering for the WCI-GKTW Service Day should you and your colleagues plan to attend. There will be discounted accommodations and NAWCJ Judge Volunteer T-shirts for each college participant. You will find the volunteer experience most rewarding and know that you will be inspiring hope, creating priceless memories, and helping kids with serious illnesses and their families to celebrate life.  It’s a great start to days of learning.

In the next few months NAWCJ will be monitoring the events dictated by the pandemic and the Lex & Verum will provide you with updates on whether the judiciary college will go forward this coming August as planned or be postponed, along with more information on the WCI-GKTW Service Day. Nevertheless, we would like to plant the seed of volunteerism for this most worthwhile service project for GKTW, which is a charity beneficiary of NAWCJ. In the meantime, should you or your agency have questions text Be safe. Be well.

NAWCJ GKTW Volunteers Committee

May 2020