By  Bonnie Hoskins, Esquire
Hoskins Law Offices
Lexington, KY
Honorable Michael W. Alvey
Chairman, Workers’ Compensation Board
Owensboro, KY

Regulators, lawyers, doctors, and court reporters were among 19 individuals inducted into the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Hall of Fame at a celebration held at the Campbell House in Lexington, Kentucky on June 24, 2021. Over 200 guests attended this memorable and emotional event.

The induction ceremony was held in conjunction with the annual University of Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Institute, an educational seminar hosted by the University of Kentucky, College of Law. (Neither the law school nor the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims is affiliated with the Hall of Fame.) To receive the Hall of Fame honor, a nominee must have made a significant impact on Kentucky’s workers’ compensation system over a distinguished career. Membership is not limited to attorneys and no member serving on the selection committee is eligible for to be selected. Any proceeds in excess of the cost of the induction ceremony are annually donated to Kids Chance of Kentucky.

The 2021 induction ceremony honored inductees from both 2020 and 2021 since a celebration was not held in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The 2020 class included the following:


Hon. Larry M. Greathouse made immeasurable contributions to Kentucky Workers’ Compensation through his service as Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims from 2002-2004 and a member of the Workers’ Compensation Board for twelve years, two years as chairman.  Commissioner Greathouse was a long-time public servant of the Commonwealth, and has the distinction of having served under five governors – Wendell Ford, Julian Carroll, Wallace Wilkinson, Brereton Jones, and Paul Patton.

Hon. Gemma Harding was the only woman in her Jefferson Law School Class of 1949.  She joined the Kentucky Department of Labor in 1969 and served for seventeen years representing and formidably defending the interests of Kentucky’s Special Fund. She specialized in appellate work and argued many of the cases involving the Special Fund before the Supreme Court of Kentucky which resulted in published case law.

Dr. Emery Lane was known to Kentucky Workers’ Compensation practitioners as one of the nation’s foremost experts in the field of Occupational Lung Diseases. Dr. Lane practiced medicine at the Appalachian Region Medical Centers in Whitesburg and Morhead during the 1960s where he was a champion of social justice issues involving coal miners. In 1971, he became a professor at the University of Louisville School Of Medicine. Over the next few years, he authored numerous publications, including a textbook, in his field of pulmonary medicine.  During that time, he also performed evaluations, issued reports, and testified in thousands of Kentucky coal workers’ pneumoconiosis claims.

Hon. Leland Monhollon served in the U. S. Navy before graduating from the UK College of Law in 1952. He began his career in workers’ compensation as an insurance adjustor but ultimately left that role to move to Madisonville to start a plaintiff’s practice. Over the next 30 years, he led one of the most successful workers’ compensation practices in Western Kentucky. His contemporaries hailed his amazing dedication and work ethic.

Hon. Hon. Charles A. Saladino was a successful personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney in his hometown of Paducah, Kentucky. He maintained that it was his roots as the son of a blue-collar union worker that was the driving force behind his well-known generosity to his community and his passion for protecting the rights of injured workers. Mr. Saladino was recognized as a leader of the Plaintiff’s Workers’ Compensation Bar and served as the Chair of the Workers’ Compensation Section.

Hon. Hon. Walter W. Turner distinguished himself among Kentucky Workers’ Compensation practitioners through his multiple roles in the practice over more than forty years of service. He worked as a Plaintiff’s Attorney, Defense Attorney, Administrative Law Judge, Workers’ Compensation Board Member, and Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims. He served as Commissioner through one of the most tumultuous periods of the Department’s history.




Hon. Thomas L. Ferreri, a defense attorney from Louisville, Kentucky, has lectured and written frequently on workers’ compensation issues on both the state and national levels. He revels in his role as an educator and is well known for mentoring numerous younger attorneys in the workers’ compensation arena.  He is widely respected for zealous representation of his clients.  Mr. Ferreri has argued numerous cases before the Kentucky Supreme Court, which have had a significant impact on Kentucky workers’ compensation Law.

Hon. James G. Fogle, a defense attorney from Louisville, Kentucky, served with the Special Fund for many years. He has authored numerous articles on Kentucky worker’s compensation law, and published a book on significant appellate decisions. In addition to his numerous speaking engagements, he served on the planning committee for the UK Workers’ Compensation Institute. Mr. Fogle has mentored numerous younger attorneys regarding Kentucky workers’ compensation and federal black lung law.

Ms. Barbara Kilgus, a court reporter from Bowling Green, Kentucky, operated Kilgus Court Reporting for over 53 years. She reported hearings for the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims for five decades. Her tenure was primarily attributable to her acumen and work product, but her personality made her a favorite among the judges and attorneys who worked with her.

Ms. Ann LeRoy, a court reporter from Lexington, Kentucky, started the first court reporting and video firm in that city in 1978. She has served on the National Court Reporters Association, serving as the secretary-treasurer. She also served as the president of the Kentucky Court Reporters Association. She has worked with the Kentucky Legislature regarding court reporting issues, and mentored many other court reporters and younger attorneys through thousands of deposition.

Hon. Dwight T. Lovan is a beloved and widely respected figure in Kentucky Workers’ Compensation. Dwight has practiced workers’ compensation law in every capacity.  He worked as a Plaintiff’s Attorney, Defense Attorney, Administrative Law Judge, Workers’ Compensation Board Member, and Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims. As Commissioner, he developed and implemented the LMS electronic filing system, which has facilitated the practice for all participants. He is one of the foremost experts in national workers’ compensation issues and is a frequent speaker at both the state and national levels. Since his retirement, he has continued his service to the practice as a  mediator is multiple complex cases .   

Hon. Phillip J. Reverman, joined the Law Firm of Boehl, Stopher, Graves and Deindorfer in 1976 where he practiced workers’ compensation defense until his retirement in July, 2016. During his forty years of practice, Mr. Reverman was involved in the defense of thousands of state workers’ compensation claims and solely handled the defense of the firm’s extensive Federal Black Lung practice. He was a frequent speaker at both state and national workers’ compensation seminars/conferences and was a contributing author to the First and Second Editions of the Workers’ Compensation in Kentucky publication. He was selected to be included in Best Lawyers from 1993-2016 and was named in SuperLawyers from 2008-2016.

Hon. Thomas M. Rhoads is a plaintiff’s attorney from Madisonville, Kentucky, who represented thousands of workers’ compensation, Federal Black Lung, and Social Security disability claimants until he retired in 2015. He frequently lectured on workers’ compensation issues, with a special emphasis on attorney ethics. Mr. Rhoads also served on the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Nominating Committee.

Hon. William O. Windchy, an attorney from Louisville, Kentucky, served with the Special Fund from 1972 until his retirement. He grew up on the south side of Chicago, and came to Louisville in 1963 on a basketball scholarship.  He obtained bachelor’s, master’s, and law degrees from the University of Louisville. Mr. Windchy was a frequent lecturer and guest speaker on workers’ compensation topics. He advised, trained, and supervised many attorneys in the area of workers’ compensation topics. He also developed numerous formulas, later adopted by statute or regulation regarding used in calculating workers’ compensation benefits.



Hon. Wayne C. Daub, a solo practitioner in Louisville, Kentucky, has represented injured workers since 1973.  Mr. Daub has been greatly involved in various aspects of workers’ compensation, including service on various committees, the Kentucky Workers’ Association, and presentations at numerous trainings sessions and seminars, as well as extensive writing on workers’ compensation topics.

Hon. John W. Morgan, a plaintiff’s attorney from Lexington, Kentucky, served in the U. S. Army JAG corps through 1959. Thereafter, he worked as a law clerk with the Court of Appeals of Kentucky and as an Assistant U. S. Attorney form 1960-1962. He has also served as a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives and as a Fayette County Trial Court Judge before becoming a partner in Denney, Morgan, Rather, and Gilbert where he worked from 1972 through 2015. He retired from Morgan & Associates in 2020. Mr. Morgan is known as one of the foremost attorneys representing worker’s compensation claimants throughout Kentucky and is widely respected by his peers for his zealous advocacy.

Hon. Jerry P. Rhoads, an attorney from Madisonville, Kentucky, has represented injured workers and Social Security claimants since 1974.  Rhoads is the former Editor of the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Review, and served as a Kentucky State Senator from 2003 to 2014, always championing workers’ compensation issues. Mr. Rhoads has spoken and written extensively on workers’ compensation issues.

Dr. Russel L. Travis is one of Kentucky’s most distinguished neurosurgeons, who has practiced his profession in Lexington, Kentucky since his certification in 1972. Dr. Travis is renowned for his expertise in forensic neurosurgery. He frequently donates his time to educate ALJs, workers’ compensation practitioners, and other stakeholders at Kentucky Workers’ Compensation seminars and training sessions Dr. Travis has authored multiple articles on the use of the AMA Guidelines in Workers’ Compensation, the use of evidence based medicine in independent medical evaluations, and various other disability related issues.

Hon. Walter A. Ward, a defense attorney from Lexington, Kentucky established the firm that bears his name in 1984. His practice since 1990 has been primarily devoted to litigation of worker’s compensation claims, representing insurers, self-insured companies, third-party administrators, and professional employer organizations. He has served as counsel in numerous cases before the Kentucky Supreme Court which resulted in reported decisions. Mr. Ward is a recognized expert in subrogation and bad faith issues and is a frequent presenter at seminars for employer administrators, human resource experts, and health insurance organizations.