By Honorable Shannon Bruno Bishop
Chief Judge of Compensation Claims
Harahan, LA


Scholarship opportunities are available for some adjudicators attending the 2021 NAWCJ Judicial College, which is taking place from December 12-15, 2021, in Orlando, Florida.

First-time scholarships may be awarded to any currently presiding workers’ compensation adjudicator and may include a maximum of $300 for hotel accommodations, waiver of the conference registration fee, and a maximum of $500 for travel expenses. Second-time awards will be for a 50% reduction in the conference registration fee. No scholarship funds are available for meals. The award of a scholarship depends, in part, on whether the adjudicator’s employing agency funds any portion of the applicant’s costs. Preference will be given to first-time attendees who are interested in becoming actively involved in NAWCJ.

The scholarship program is funded by a grant from the Workers’ Compensation Institute, along with annual dues from associate members of NAWCJ (attorneys and other individuals/companies interested in supporting the education of members of the workers’ compensation judiciary).

Each interested adjudicator must email a completed scholarship application to Jennifer Hopens (, the chair of the NAWCJ Scholarship Committee, by November 12, 2021. Scholarship awards will be announced by November 19, 2021, and successful applicants will be asked to make travel arrangements soon after to help minimize airfares.

College attendees will have an opportunity to meet members of the workers’ compensation judiciary from throughout the U.S., as well as practitioners and industry leaders. The Judicial College is an excellent opportunity to receive continuing education credit in a variety of areas, including order writing, evidence, medical issues, and other matters that routinely come before workers’ compensation adjudicators.

I encourage you to apply for a scholarship for the 2021 NAWCJ Judicial College. The scholarship application is found on the next page of the Lex & Verum.

I hope to see you this December in Orlando.


The Honorable Shannon Bruno Bishop, President


Application for Scholarship, NAWCJ Judicial College, December 12-15, 2021


Name:    ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

E-mail:   ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone #: ____________________________________  E-mail:_________________________________________________

Agency Name and Address:_______________________________________________________________________________


Are you a member of NAWCJ? _______

If so, when did you join NAWCJ? ____________ (year)

Have you ever attended a NAWCJ Judicial College or WCI Annual Meeting and Conference?  ___YES       ___NO

If so, what year(s)? ________________                                                                        Did you receive a scholarship? __________

Have you participated on a NAWCJ panel or committee in the past or would you be willing to do so in the future? ___YES                 ___NO

Explain how you would like to participate in the NAWCJ: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Will you receive any support from your employer to attend the college? (leave time, payment of expenses beyond registration waiver and partial reimbursement of travel expenses): ___YES___NO  If yes, explain support offered by employer: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Current adjudicatory position, dates held and description of duties: ___________________________________________________


Past experience in workers’ compensation law (may attach resume): __________________________________________________________________________________________________


How will attending the 2021 NAWCJ Judicial College and Workers’ Compensation Institute (WCI) Education Conference benefit you in the performance of your job?:


Would you be willing to write a brief article for the NAWCJ newsletter about the 2021 NAWCJ Judicial College and WCI Conference and its benefits? __YES ___NO

Email application to Jennifer Hopens at  Deadline is 11/12/21