by Judge Pamela Johnson
Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims
Knoxville, TN

A Success Story

 SUCCESS! On March 1-4, 2021, the NAWCJ hosted a virtual “boot camp” for new judges. Over 4 days and 12 hours, these new judges put in the time, leaned in to learn, and heard from sitting judges and academics, who covered a wide range of topics. The curriculum included sessions discussing the origins of workers’ compensation laws, the transition from an advocate to an adjudicator, judicial writing, conducting hearings and handling discovery disputes, weighing evidence and ruling on objections, and dealing with unrepresented litigants and difficult litigants.

IT’S NOT TOO LATE! On-demand videos are available for the NAWCJ New Judges’ Boot Camp. Interested judges may still register online for $200 and receive links to the on-demand videos. ( Registration will close on September 1, 2021.

If you have any questions about the “boot camp,” please contact me at

Hon. Pamela B. Johnson

Workers’ Compensation Judge (Tennessee)